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Unknown the Critic


Being your worst critic can be a double edged sword.  It can either help you, in the sense that it makes you question your work to improve it or it makes you hesitant to share it.  In most cases I end up posting whatever piece it was, but there are times that I just completely scrap it and its then lost forever.  Unknown the Critic, really does have a ring to it.

Since I started posting my pieces, from time to time, I get messages from fellow IGers, asking me for advice and critiques on some of their works.  This usually becomes an inner quarrel.  How am I to critique someone else if I’m so hard on myself.  Who am I to critique when I feel my writing is just as flawed as anyone else’s.  How can I give an honest critique, when there are times I have bashed myself into the ground and have nearly driven myself to give up.  How?

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