Life isn’t Perfect, Neither is this Book.


“Life isn't Perfect, Neither is this Book” is my first published book of works.  This book is be filled with random day to day thoughts.  The world is inspiring, I take all that I absorb and put it into words to share with you.  I am a firm believer that someone's most random thoughts can be someone else's therapy.

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• 61 pages of works.
• Most of the works are never before seen, I also included a few of my favorites that I have posted before.

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  1. rehana (verified owner)

    Life isn’t perfect and Unknown the poet aims to create a poetry book filled with imperfectly poetic stories. It is the simplicity and sudden freedom to choose imperfection rather than perfection, that actually challenges the reader. A book, so rich in commonalities it defeats any obstacles. Thus, it is hardly possible to write about a specific theme or even a summery of the book because the plot is already exposed on the cover, in the most minimalistic way possible. This book, in the first place, is a collection of random thoughts. It is a thinking process held on paper and it is not meant to act like literature but like therapy. It is something so known that it draws attention to the alleged unknown.

    Someone who falls in and out of love is found in several poems in the book. Love as a strong and liberating emotion, but at the same time followed by a destructive nature. It is here then, that we first find a gendered unknown. The poet dedicates lots of love poems to women. Sure, there’s a chance it may be a female writer but after reading the whole book and especially the dedication “to my beautiful children” I assume it must be a heterosexual man writing about life. How can I then, as a woman, relate? Do men suffer the same way? Because if they do, then unknown the poet breaks not only a rule of society but a whole pillar of it, addressed in his very first poem “Breaking the mold”. We are told since as kids that nature has created each one of us differently in appearance and in emotions. We will therefore never be or feel the same. Every one of us has a different mold. But it is the holistic mold of such thoughts that the writer focuses on by saying that he wants his readers to read the book just as they wish to, allowing them to start the book individually. The first page of a book does not have to be the first page, it can even be the last page, as in unknown the poet’s world everything is right and nothing is wrong. The book acts like life itself: we choose individually a certain order we can follow and create at the end of the story an understanding of our choices.

    This is a book for every one who wonders what a stranger’s thoughts about modern life might be and who will be surprised by how known those thoughts actually are.

  2. Ida R. Jardines

    Before I even read an entry from Life Isn’t Perfect, Neither Is This Book by Unknown The Poet, I was already mesmerized by the title. The author has chosen to reflect the chaos and instability of life with the layout of his poetry. Genius.

    There are no chapters in this collection of poems; no grouping by theme. There is no guide as to how to go about reading each piece. That’s how it should be. The reader can read it front to back, back to front, or randomly in the middle and they will still have an amazingly random experience…much like life itself. Unknown The Poet has written his own poetry rules when it comes to punctuation, diction, organization, and tone. It’s refreshing.

    Once you get past the genius behind the mechanics, it’s time to dig into the meat, the words that make up each piece. Some are short, some are long, but each carries the weight of the world and is filled with such sincerity. The author takes us from moments of ecstasy to romantic pain. From societal issues to self-care.

    Unknown The Poet is giving us a piece of his soul with his debut book of poetry. A piece that is unique and common at the same time. This is one of the most relatable books of poetry I’ve ever read. It’s truly a great.

    I highly recommend everyone grab a copy of this imperfect collection filled with perfection. Life Isn’t Perfect, Neither Is This Book was made for us by someone who is exactly like us.

  3. Melina (verified owner)

    Autor of this book states that itş imperfect… But for me it came into my hands at perfect timing, with most perfect message.
    inspireing, and humorus but most of it, real and open about everyday strugle with life and its constant lessons.

    I am most grateful and honored to have read this marvelous work of a brilliant mind hidden behind the name of UNKNOWN THE POET.
    I hope I will read a lot more from this awesome collection of his thoughts i am sure are allready in the making

    When lost in the darknes of mind or just fed up with everyday stress this book is my number one reccomendation to find comfort that it is happening to each and every one of us.
    Life Isn’t Perfect, Neither Is This Book is a must have for anyone with even a little love for poetry. .

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