Inspiration and Motivation


“Oh the trees, the pretty trees and the clouds in the sky inspire me to write the things i do.”

That is the response I wish I could give when asked what inspires and motivates me.  My response is quite intricate because it usually has to be followed by an explanation.

“So Unknown, what inspires you then?”

My response is always “Everything.”

Allow me to break it down for you.

Life is complicated, life throws at you many obstacles, everyone’s life is different.  There are many beauties and many uglies in our days.  We come in contact with a plethora (thank you ¡Three Amigos!) of different emotions and temperaments throughout our days, sometimes our own and some other people’s.  All these things give you an endless list of motivations and inspirations.  You see, I don’t just take my personal feelings and daily interactions into consideration when I write, I use everything.

“But Unknown, can you give me an example of what you mean?”

My response, “Sure, let’s see, hmmmm.”

Let’s say I am sitting at my local coffee shop (those that know me, know I like to hang out there), and I see a couple standing in line, quiet, both looking at their phones, then occasionally looking up at each other to give a look of existence.  You can sense their tension, you can sense something was done or said last night or in the current morning.  So I take that feeling and turn it into a piece.  You don’t have to sit and stare at someone or something to get the energy they are protruding.

They probably were far from feeling the things I mentioned.  They are probably the happiest couple in town, but, that energy, that I interpreted inspired the piece I wrote at that moment.  The great thing about that piece is that maybe someday down the road, someone will read it and relate.  They no longer feel alone, and it may or may not help them fix their situation.

Words are an amazing tool.

So as you can see the possibilities for writing are everlasting.  Your motivations and inspirations are there, at home, at work, at the park, at your mistresses house, the gas station, they are everywhere.  How you interpret them and share them with the world is your choice.

People may like it or may not.  Don’t let those thoughts keep you from being inspired.

Now with that said, get out there and be inspired, get motivated.  Create something for the world or even for yourself, just don’t ever feel uninspired because, you are surrounded…surrounded by your next best work.

Much Love,
Unknown the Poet

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